Slight Black Licorice Flavor

Hey Guys,
My first post. I’ve made about 6 different batches of beer so far. All different kinds (brown, amber, pale, stout, extra pale, IPA, etc.), using various hops, yeasts strains, etc. But they all seem to develop a slight black licorice flavor. I’ve tasted it in other beers before but not sure what it’s from. I don’t like the flavor and was wondering if anyone knows a solution to this problem? I’ve heard it could be from the chlorine content in the water I use. Any truth to that?

I don’t know if it would cause a licorice flavor or not, but you definately DON’T want chlorine or chloramines in your brewing water.

You have a number of options, like using campden tablets, filtering, or brewing with bottled water. But DON’T use water with chlorine.

Will definitely try that and see if it helps. I’ve used bottled water for my last two batches so we’ll see if it makes a difference. I’ve also heard boiling city water can get rid of the chlorine that’s in the water as well. Anyone know if there is any truth to that? Any city brewers here like me?

Boiling will remove chlorine but not chloramine. I use my city tap water, and throw half a campden tablet in to treat it.

+1 to removing all chlorine, but I doubt that is the problem. I do remember another post a while back that mentioned licorice flavor and why it might be there and I don’t think it was that.

I have had that flavor in one of my dry stouts - I thought it was just the type of roast barley I had but it may have come in the process of mashing the roasted grains. Maybe something to do with temperature?

I’m sure someone will chime in with better info than I can give you right now.

Thanks everyone. After doing some more research I keep coming across the same two theories. Chloramine in the water or scorched extract. Suggestions are to try the campden tablets and to remove the kettle from the burner while adding extract. I’ll try both and see if it works.