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Slick, not so pretty

I finally racked the cider and was unhappy to see a slick film and some foam showing up :-/
Tasted good, tart, but definitely needs to age. Will campden knock out bacteria as well as the yeast? What are my other options? Plan to back sweeten and age till next fall.

Looks like it could be the beginnings of acetobacter. I’m not entirely sure if Campden will kill it at this point, but it’s probably your best shot, in addition to racking and bottling as soon as you’re sure it’s ready.

Thanks Dave.
I am going to get the campden today. That and keeping very cold I hope does the trick. I also have a 5 year old plate filter that I have never used. I might cracked it out on this one.

So I dosed with Campden and potassium sorbate. Hopes this kills anything in the cider, I should be able to back sweeten without any concerns as well.

I had to order new gaskets for my filter so that will come later.

I have 3 kegs of a very basic cider, I am thinking of honey in one. Brown sugar and some spice in #2 and leaving #3 alone. Unless there is any advice to the contrary.
Any experience with Honey? Sugar? Spices?

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