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Skeeter's Blonde Ale Recipe

Well the temps here in AZ are in the 60’s and my fermentation closet has been sitting at 64-68F pretty consistently, so I’m going to try a new recipe I’ve come up with for a blonde ale using the White Labs WLP029 German Ale/Kolsch yeast. Here’s my recipe (this is from a recipe I found on line and tweaked a little based on the grains available at my local brew shop);

Pale Malt (2 row 2 SRM) 85% of grain bill
White Wheat (2 SRM) 8% of grain bill
Crystal Malt (20 SRM) 5% of grain bill
Carapils (2 SRM) 2% of grain bill
White Labs WLP029 German Ale/Kolsch Yeast

This will be another BIAB. I’m looking forward to this and fermenting at temps in the mid-60’s to see for myself how much difference the lower temps perform and affect taste. I’m planning to start it right after Christmas Day since the next few days will be hectic with family, etc.

That’s to warm for a kolsh yeast you should be fine with wy1056 or US05. I ferment German ale yeast around 50°F I made one last spring and the temps got into the 60s it was alright but not clean enough to call it a kolsh or actually an Alt in my case. An Alt may actually be more forgiving. A Kolsh should be pilsneresque IMHO

The fermentation temps for the WLP029 yeast is 65-69F. They (White Labs) state is does not ferment well below 62F. German/Kölsch Ale Yeast | White Labs

It’ll be a dirty blond with that crystal in it. Only blond I ever brewed was an Irish Blond, I think I used Maris Otter, some wheat and flaked barley, fermented with irish ale yeast. It was pretty good.

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I use WY1007 it calls for 55-65 I keep it under 60 it ferments slow and clean and that’s what you want to mimic a lager.


Never used that yeast looks like a regular ale yeast to me. Maybe it’s marketing. If you want a kolsh go low and slow

Remember those temperatures are an average. I pitch low 60s then drop it 10° for 2 weeks then raise it back up for a couple then cold crash. Then keg and let her sit cold until needed couple weeks usually. I got one going now it’s not a kolsh exactly a Potsdam Stangebier

Great yeast. Side by side dunkel with bavarian lager yeast vs one with 1007. Very hard to tell a difference.

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Yes interchange it with Bavarian lager yeast in my lager recipes don’t notice much difference either. Interested to hear @olanwade s results as I haven’t used the WLP029

These are my two favorite Kolsch yeast. Wyeast 2565 Kolsch or White Labs WLP029 German Ale. I start both of them at 60 degrees for 5 to 7 days before raising the temperature slowly until i reach 70 degrees. The real secret to a great Kolsch is lower temperature than normal and letting it rise for a d-rest and then slowly crashing it and lager for a month or two.


Totally agree. Very lager-ish but with an ‘ale hint’ when fermented correctly.

OP, although not traditional you’ll do just fine with that grain bill.

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My plan is to cool the wort to upper 50’sF (or lower) before pitching the yeast. I can accomplish this as night temps are in the 40-50’s. I’m planning to start in the afternoon and leave it in the garage on the concrete for a few hours, then pitch, and after 24 hours move it to the closet. I would expect to see the temperature to raise ~10F during fermentation and should settle well within the recommended temps for the WLP029.
The original grain bill was from a Bright Spot Brewing. I did have to tweak it a bit (2-row pale vs NW pale and a 20 SRM crystal vs 15 SRM crystal). This recipe doesn’t lager the beer as it’s an ale. The fermentation profile in the original recipe was a two-stage fermentation with temps starting at 67F and ramping down to 65F over a 15 day period. I’m still deciding if I transfer to a secondary carboy.
I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes. The original brewer gave it high marks as a light to medium bodied ale with a crisp, clean taste.

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Does the recipe direct you not to lager? I believe that is standard for a Kolsh

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Yes the recipe does not direct to lager. Brewer’s notes 14 days fermentation, then bottled and conditioned for 30 days. I’m not going to get hung up on the Kölsch in the yeast’s name. Non-traditional? Maybe, but I’m not afraid to try something different.

That’s fine but it sounds like you are in the upper range of that yeast. If I may I would suggest WY1056 for your ambient temperature. WY1056 in the mid 60s will give you a nice clean blonde ale

Where did you get the recipe from out of curiosity. Kinda odd starting fermentation at 67 and ramping down to 65 in a 15 day period.

Iv seen recipes written like that or pitch around 70. I think that is to simplify and speed up the process for beginners. It will ferment fast and you might need a blow-off tube. Very odd to have a recipe call for pitching at the top end. I believe at minimum a swamp cooler should be used

Well everything is going as planned (see my post from 6 days ago). The mash and boil went very well and I chilled the wort down to 60F leaving it in the garage as night time temps that night dropped into the high 30’s. I aerated the wort and pitched the WLP029 yeast and put her in the closet (ambient temp in closet is 60F). After a 36 hour lag time she’s off and running with a nice 2 inch krausen and the fermentor is holding at 63F.

The mash pH was at 5.4. My OG was 1.048 (predicted was 1.050). I also performed the iodine test (which was clear tan color). I pulled ~500ml and performed a fast fermentation to check my conversion (FG was 1.012 after ~30 hrs - predicted was 1.011). Very satisfied with both results. After 8 batches, I’m becoming more confident in my processes.


Another full blown Brewer! Congratulations on your achievements!! Keep the fermenter full and keep telling us what you are up too also!

The beer has been in the primary for 10 days. I checked the gravity yesterday and it’s hit my predicted FG of 1.011. I’ve moved it to the bedroom and slowly raising the temp to 68F for a few days. This yeast doesn’t produce a lot of Diacetyl, but I figured it won’t hurt to do a d-rest for a few days after it’s been sitting at 62-63F in the primary. I plan to bottle this weekend or early next week.
I was surprised at the clarity in the gravity test tube and the taste was very nice with a little natural carbonation. I think this will be a very good beer. Can’t wait for the final product in about a month.

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