SixPoint variety pack

Just bought a 15 pack of sixpoint variety for $17.99. This is a deal.

These are good beers Ive had most of them before. Look at the ABVs

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Holy high ABV!

Wow. My kind of beers. All high ABV except the Pils and all the others IPAs. I can foresee an early night if you get into that 15 pack. I’ll look for them next time we are in Wegmans.

Do you have Wegmans down your way @brew_cat ? They have a great beer selection at the ones by us in central NY.

EDIT: I just looked on their web site and sure enough they have it.

I admit I have never had any of their beers. I’ll have to look for some.

My favorite is the Stooper. Wondering if people not from NYC know what that is. The Crisp is good and of course the Bengali which I’m surprised isnt found in Ohio

I have yet to try a bad sixpoint beer, it is rare I can find them around here, so I always nab some when I see them. I will have to look for that 15 pack. :sunglasses: