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How long can I expect my fermentation to continue, I have 5 gallons of cider, have added yeast nutrients and an energizer four pounds of light brown sugar and used the WLP775 ENGLISH CIDER YEAST. Will this go on for a couple weeks as I pitched the yeast on 10/22/13 and its still going pretty good. How slow will it need to be before I can say it’s ready to be racked.

Sense I have it in a bucket now I can’t see the bottom how thick can I expect the lees to be an how far above it will I need to be when I start siphoning? If I had some idea then I can make a mark on my auto siphon and not go beyond that. I appreciate all of the help I wouldn’t be able to do this unless I had some experienced people to guide me along on my new hobby.

I would wait at least 3 weeks from when fermentation started, take a gravity reading, u want to be at or below .999 really. then rack to a secondary and u can let it sit for 2 more months. Just bottle a few and let the rest age alittle. More info at

You definitely want to go by gravity readings, not counting days. How low it will go depends on the juice you started with, how much sugar you added, and what yeast you used. I’ve had ciders that finished below 1.000, and also ones that never got below 1.004. You have to take a couple gravity readings a couple days apart to tell when it is done and ready to transfer to secondary.

Gently place the siphon in the fermenter. Slide it down until you start to pick up some sediment. Then stop. No one can tell you exactly how large of a pile o junk is on the bottom. :wink:

How long to ferment? Like mentioned, leave it sit for 3 weeks. Take a reading. Take another 3 days later. Then anther 3 days. That will take you out to 4 weeks and it should be done.

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