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Sinagua Malt - Anyone Used Before?

Hello, I’m in the process of sourcing various ingredients from Arizona for an upcoming beer. I recently obtained 10 lbs of Sinagua Malt which is grown along the Hassayampa River (spelling?) near Wickenburg, AZ. and plan to drive to Sonoita, AZ this weekend to checkout some locally grown hops (maybe some Neo Mex grown in the White Mountains of AZ).

Anyone have any experience with the Sinagua Malt? The LHBS in Flagstaff said he uses the Marris Otter Malt numbers/characteristics, and I haven’t been able to find out anything else.

Thanks in advance!

How does his brew taste then? Might help find your answer…

Don’t know, but I’ve had a beer from AZ Wilderness Brewery using Sinagua as their base malt. Very nice blonde ale.
I was thinking a smAZh (play on Smash). I’ll see what I can get in local hops and decide. Thinking I’ll have to learn dry hopping.


Sounds like a worthy cause. What do they charge for a sack? You won’t know how it compares flavor wise until you brew with it. Worth keeping some on hand just because it’s good for the rivershed.

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I like it!

@brew_cat it’s hard to get locally. It’s a small crop and most is bought up by local breweries. The LHBS in Flagstaff had 50lbs and I purchased 10lbs @$2.25/lb. It’s become popular here with the local breweries brewing green/organic/locally sourced beers. It’s a nice, plump grain.
I’ve contacted them, Sinagua, in the past via email only to find a short supply so I was surprised to find it.
Not having success with local hops. I spoke with Tom @ Copper Hops Ranch. Crops are due in June/July. We’re going to keep in touch.

That’s over a $100 a sack. I’d just cut in a little bit with your standard 2-row just so you can say you use it in your brew. Doesn’t look like they’re having trouble selling it. If it’s that expensive for the big boys they probably cut it as well

Had lunch at Arizona Wilderness Brewery yesterday and tried a few of their brews using Sinagua malt. Their honey blonde with chinook hops was good, but the La Ciudiad hazy IPA with mosaic and Citra hops was very good. Trying to formulate a recipe in my head…
For now the whole grain is in a air tight sealed bag in the closet until I empty my fridge. And I still have a batch in the fermenter for now.

I would maybe brew something less hoppy if you want to showcase a malt

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