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Simple Saison / Danstar Belle Saison Yeast

Got a pack of the Danstar Belle Saison @ AHAC, was thinking of putting it to work this weekend. Wanted a simple summer drinker, maybe around 5-5.5% abv, spritzy carb, a little bit of hop character.

Anyone have any thoughts on the following recipe, or have any experience with this yeast?

-80% pilsner
-10% wheat
-5% acid malt

to about 1.050

-Magnum bittering
-Galaxy late hops, to around 30-35 IBU

-Pitch w/out rehydrating at 65, ramp up to 72 after 3 days.

Can’t wait to brew!

Another very versatile saison yeast. Personally, I like to ferment my saisons hot to really bring out the spice flavors. I pitch around 70-75F and let it run up into the 80’s. I like your recipe. Simple… lets the yeast shine.

I brewed a batch with this yeast a month ago. It was 10 LBS belgian pils , 2 LBS Munich , 2 LBS White wheat. OG 1.056 and FG 1.002. I don’t think it ever got over 70 degrees but it tastes nice. It is in secondary now.

Am I calculating that wrong or is that 96% attenuation? Dang.

double post sorry .

I didn’t calculate the attenuation. I took the OG with a refractometer and FG with the hydrometer. It is a beast. I put it in one of my 30 L fermenters as a precaution as I had never used it before.

Pietro, your recipe and temperatures you specified look perfect. I would not change a thing.

My recent saison with this yeast and same temperatures turned out excellent. Took a 2nd in competition. Final gravity was 1.002. I believe the OG was like 1.052 or something like that. Result tastes lightly Belgian, lightly tart, lightly peppery, not too thin despite the low gravity. Very refreshing in summer. It’s almost gone now. I was thinking I might drink it all up tonight with family.

I did 10 gallons of this one the other day:

Not really simple, but should be interesting

[quote=“candleman”]I did 10 gallons of this one the other day:

Not really simple, but should be interesting[/quote]

Why the two varieties at bittering?

That was all the Magnum I had left, so I used it up. No other reason

gotcha. Bought a pound of Mags well over a year ago, and am wondering when/if I will ever run out. I’ve been using them on the 1/2 bbl system I’ve been brewing on with my good friend, and still can’t manage to finish them off!

Looks like it will be an interesting beer. Would love to hear tasting notes when its ready :cheers:

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