Sign of infection

A few of my beers maybe 3 out of 36 have a head that is “clumpy” not sure how to describe it any better. Kinda forms islands that stay together when i take a sip, def not normal or like ive seen in any beer.

Has anyone ever seen anythign like this? they taste fine compared to the rest of the batch im just wondering if this is a sign of infection. The batch wont last long enough for it to get any worse im just wondering if anyones heard of this

It’s normal to have concentrated sites where CO2 is getting trapped by the foamy head. Many of my beers exhibit this. As long as there are no off flavors, sourness, etc., I think you’re fine.

I think this was discussed not that long ago. Seems like many people experience this and with some of the names that said they did, it must be common. Probably just a “clump” of protein matter, which “head” is basically made of.

Definitely not a sign of infection. I have this with both lagers and ales from time to time. I agree that it is something about the proteins clumping together. If you want to avoid this, you can do like my neighbor and use Carapils in every batch to make a strong rocky head. If it craters, you don’t notice it… :cheers: