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Sierra Nevada 4-Way IPA Variety Pack

I’ve had the Nooner and Snow Wit so far. Personally neither one really did much for me.

To me Chinook doesn’t make sense in a SIPA. Hit me as a bit unbalanced. But I admit I’m strange about IPAs. Better than All Day IPA though. Haven’t tried Stone’s Go To. Boulevard Pop-Up is probably my favorite SIPA so far, but that’s not saying much.

Snow Wit is a Belgian IPA. That’s what’s wrong with it.

I have not seen that pack locally here in Maine, but I really like the sample packs. One that I think is pretty decent is the Harpoon IPA sample pack. :cheers:

I tried Blindfold (black IPA) on Sunday. It wasn’t a drain pour, but I wouldn’t buy it again. Too much roasted character for the “style” IMO. It’s basically an American stout.

I like the Torpedo.

I tried the Belgian IPA and Session IPA. The Belg IPA was ok. Probably better on a hot day. The Session IPA was a bit bland. Might be better on a very hot day.

Haven’t tried the Blindfold IPA yet.

I thought it was a decent deal for $24 for a case.

The local shop had this so I bought a 12 pack. I agree with each posting. Generally pretty good. Not my first choice next time but I would pick up more of each one except the black IPA.
As I mentioned previously, the Harpoon variety pack was better across the board in my opinion.

I wasn’t going to try this, but it was $12.99 for the 12 pack.

I thought the session IPA was bland and thin and I didn’t finish it. I’ll see what the wife thinks.

I like the black IPA. The touch of roast is nice.

Haven’t tried the white IPA yet. Torpedo is a solid beer, but there are other IPAs I reach for first.

I bought a 12 pack variety blend for $12.99 as well. Nothing really screamed amazing.

White IPA: they use lemon and coriander in it with “dwarf” hops and the flavor is interesting to say the least. I did enjoy this one on the beach though. Definitely a summer, warm weather beer.

Session IPA: boring, thin body. Very high on the “pine” tasting variety of hop (simcoe or chinook?)

Black IPA: I did enjoy this one. The amount of roast present lets you know that it isn’t a regular IPA. Great hop presence and body. I make a black IPA that is similar, but I like the challenge of making it taste like a regular IPA, but black.

Torpedo (Imperial IPA): I’ve had this one several times and really enjoy it. A very reasonable, and widely available imperial IPA.

Worth the $12.99 price tag just because it was different.

I found the session IPA much better when the temperature is closer to 100 degrees.

Wow. Got some seriously discerning palates here on the forum. I guess I’m much less evolved- I thought they were all damn good beers.

You should check out music or sports forums. This is nothing. :shock:

IPAs tend to be polarizing. Purists want something balanced, which this stuff isn’t. I like my IPAs to be pretty hoppy and bold, which is why I dig this variety pack.

The Sam Adams summer pack OTOH, most of those are entirely too sweet for me other than the Boston Lager and Belgian session.

Back in October I had their Oktoberfest on tap and thought the exact same thing. It was AWFUL!

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