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Sierra Madre recipe question

For those who have brewed this extract kit, both the instructions and the kit inventory on the side of the box list 6lb of Gold Malt syrup. My box contained one 3lb bottle. Did they change the recipe or was there a hiccup in packaging?

If I need another 3lb, no problem. I can wait. I am glad I ordered some other recipe kits because I’m itching to start another batch.

Send NB an e-mail. You are short one jug of LME. Three pounds of LME and one pund of DME will not get you to the estimated OG.
They are very good about taking care of things quickly.

You’re right Flars.
NB already has a bottle on the way.
Sure can’t complain with that service.

My last order had the box destroyed by UPS (or FEDEX, whichever) and my packet us US-05 was lost. NB replaced the packet immediately and included a free Every Ounce Counts pint glass for the trouble. They are amazing and appreciate our patronage.

I got a corrected order in two days with a pint glass as well.

Give them a call.

That is what I don’t understand about people complaining about shipping times. I understand that it can take awhile but if you plan ahead this is negligible. In addition, if NB makes a mistake they will more than make up for it. Once when I was brewing kits I ordered an Smoked Amber Ale. They messed up and didn’t add any smoked malt the grain bill. I shot them an email and in 2 days I received a new smoked amber ale kit along with some freebies (pint glass and some airlock). In addition, there was an apology written with the suggestion that I compare the 2 batches. Customer Service at NB is top notch if you ask me.

All is well.

3lb of extract arrived yesterday along with a nice pint glass.

Thanks to NB

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