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I’m considering taking a web-based course through Siebel. Anyone gone through it or know someone who has? It’s expensive, but is it worth it?


Define “worth it”…what’s your goal?

I’d like to work in a commercial brewery. Of course the dream is to one day open my own brewery, but not until I’m technically and creatively competent. I am going to be volunteering at a local brewery as well, but thought I could really get the most out of it with some formal training. I’ve been learning by trial and error, but I’d really like to speed up the process of becoming a competent brewer. I’ve read good things about Siebel and they appear to have a good reputation.

I know several people who have attended Siebel and having the education did nothing to help them get or keep a job in the industry. Conversely, I know several commercial brewers who have had no training other than being homebrewers and they have gotten jobs. Going to Siebel might help, but there’s no guarantee. Like the music business, it depends a lot on who you know and being in the right place at the right time. Siebel is a good place but it’s not a golden bullet.

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