Show me your home brewery storage!

I need some ideas on how to turn a corner of my basement into a place to store my equipment/grains. I am still brewing outside but a little tired of having my stuff just packed into a corner. Did you buy shelves or use lots of pegboard or did you build everything?

Let’s hear/see your ideas and build a home brewery storage area!

I pack all my stuff onto a couple shelves and into a corner.

Drawer in the kitchen for tubing, hydrometer, siphon, starter flask, air locks etc…also have a desk in the basement that holds car boys, buckets, wort chiller and carboy washer…then a coffee table/subwoofer cabinet that holds empty bottles and brew pot. We haven’t watched a movie in awhile downstairs :slight_smile:

Here’s hoping we don’t need our small guest bedroom anytime soon!! It looks like a set from “Breaking Bad”!

My grain room

Other storage:


That’s impressive right there for a home brewery. I would eventually like to turn to electric brewing. It just makes things so tight and neat.

My first apartment was smaller than that! Holy Cow!

Ok, I like to show off. Here is my storage/brewery ... f.mp4.html

Gee whiz,I brew in the laundry room…. :oops: ThomasO, you’ve got a great set up there! A couple of 12.5 gallon buckets with screw ligs fer my bulk, a big plastic tub fer my smaller gear and shelf to store my carboys. I do have a 3 tier fer the heart of my brewery…… I just gotta get out of the laundry room… Sneezles61

ThomasO, you should show off. That’s incredible. I would get too comfortable in such an environment and forget to brew.

this touched a nerve… I,ve been trying desperately to organize my stuff somewhat…the trouble is I have to store things in 2 or 3 different areas…The bulk of my gear is in my garage in a plastic 4 drawer storage thingy from walmart and a tallstorage item…Most of my carboys and buckets are in another area and my fermentation is in the basement…workin on it though

I like neat and organized but I just realized that my beer stuff is in many different areas of the house.

Brewing area: In garage, 25 gallon natural gas fired unit designed and built from scratch, heated garage.

Brew Cart storage area: In garage, most items stay on the brew cart but HLT, MLT and BK go on shelves and brew cart goes in front of wife’s car.

Kegerator area: In the furnace room in the basement. 21 empty kegs and 8 carboys sit on the shelves in there too.

Bar area: In basement which is nice and cool this time of the year

Beer cellar: My BierKeller where I store 600 bottles of big beers to age. Also ferment lagers in there and there’s a chest freezer to the right where I charge full kegs to prepare for serving.

Fermentation room: Under the basement stairs where I can control temperature via a AC unit:

Greg, that last picture has been on my winter list for a few years. I have a similar space that I plan on insulating with rigid foam then lining with
aluminum sheets.

Maybe this year.

Greg where does that AC unit vent out?

[quote=“dannyboy58”]Greg where does that AC unit vent out?[/quote]Into my office.

Here is my storage under my front porch in basement. Try to keep 20 cases bottled at all times. I have 2 20 ft long shelves in garage when I keep 9 fermenters and empty bombers.

[quote=“kybh4life”]Here is my storage under my front porch in basement. Try to keep 20 cases bottled at all times. I have 2 20 ft long shelves in garage when I keep 9 fermenters and empty bombers.[/quote]That reminds me of when my goal was to try and keep 20 cases full at all times. I made 30 of these crates to help.