Should there be a siphon tube holder in the Brew. Share. Enjoy. Starter Kit

Is the starter kit supposed to include a siphon tube holder?

As instructed by the materials, I diligently checked the ensure I had every item listed in the inventory. I got everything except for #9: Siphon tube holder. Is this supposed to be included? If not, is it important?


Call customer service. They will give you the information.

The forum is for home brewers in general which may not use products from Northern Brewer, so going directly to them might be your best choice.

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Thanks, will do.

Mine didnt include this and I don’t think it’s necessary. However, like others have said, email northern brewer and they will clear it up very quickly. They are great with customer service.

+1 to what those guys said. Just give them a call and they will fix anything that is wrong.

Thanks all. I talked to customer service and they confirmed that it’s not meant to include a siphon tube holder (it is a mistake that it is included on the inventory).