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Should I Shake It Up?

Brewed a pilsner two days ago. Pitched two packs of liquid yeast at 50 degrees. Shook it for 10 minutes. Still no fermentation. Should I shake it again? Should I pitch some dry lager yeast?

Two smack packs should work. Did they expand when you smacked them. How do you know it’s not fermenting?

It was the long thin non-smack packs, so I couldn’t tell. There is a bubbler on top and no bubbles have formed.

Don’t shake it.

So white labs yeast? What yeast was it?

Lack of bubbles does not equal no fermentation. I’m assuming it’s a bucket? Pop the lid open a bit a peak in. Is there krausen(foam on top of the beer)?

Yes, that is correct.

It’s a NB clear plastic carboy. No bubbles on top. No krausen.

What’s the actual ferm temps now? You could warm it up a little to help promote activity. Lagers pitched at ferm temps require quiet a bit of yeast. Did you make a starter? Without knowing the dates on your yeast you don’t know the viability, which can result in even further lag times.

The dates on the yeast were in October. Ferm temp is at a controlled 50.

Conservatively your viability was around 50% on that date of yeast. That definitely would have needed a starter.

So, where do you recommend I go from here?

I would let it ride. Research quick Lager fermentation. Basically after about 4 days of ACTUAL fermentation raise the temps a couple degrees per day. When you hit 63°-65° allow it to sit for a couple days.

I do have lager s23 and w34/70 available. Still best to let it ride?

What White Labs yeast did you pitch initially? It might be the liquid equivalent of 34/70. If so it wouldn’t hurt to rehydrate and pitch. If not, I would let it ride.

Why not take it out and place in room temp area over night. If it doesn’t take off, then pitch more and cool. Sneezles61

IME 34/70 takes about three days to get going on first pitch. That wouldn’t really help your situation at this point.

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