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Should I raise the lager ferment temp now?

I’m in day 4 of my vienna lager fermentation. Holding steady at 51. I pitched a 3L starter with two smack packsn(wyeast 2308-Munich lager), so I’m sure I had at least close to enough yeast. I’ve never done a lager before and I’m not sure how to proceed with this fermentation.

It’s been chugging along steadily, but now I’m noticing it’s throwing some sulfur. The fact that it’s taken 4 days to do this is why I’m asking this question:

Should I warm the fermentation up to 60-ish for the diacetyl rest to clean up now?

I’d planned on 7 days at 51 degrees, warm to 60 to clean up for 3 days, then gradually lower to lagering temps. I’d prefer not to pull samples to check gravity in an effort to determine when to warm up the fermentation.

Any advice?

sulfur smell is normal. Take a hydro reading when fermentation is 70-75% complete start to raise the temp.

my basic practice on all my lagers is 18-21 days at 50, then raise to 60 for 3-5 days. Then keg, lager in the keg for 8-12 weeks.

Am I correct in assuming that you’re pitching the appropriate amount of yeast?

Not criticizing, but I read somewhere that a big pitch of yeast might negate the need for a D-rest and that the beer could reach terminal gravity in 7-10 days.And that I needed to warm BEFORE the yeast dropped out. Hence, my plan to warm after 7 days.

But then again, I also read that lagers can take 1-3 weeks in primary so…

The point being, I’m not exactly sure how to approach this fermentation.

Your advice is appreciated.

i do pitch a 1.5-2L starter on a stirplate. I have always had much better beer going a few days long on fermentation as opposed to finishing up close to what people say “can” be done. To be honest, I have not fermented an ale out in 7-10 days in … well, years. Not that it can’t be done… i just have better results giving yeast time.

I brew a lot of lagers and they all turn out quite good with this approach. But, there is more than one way to skin a cat as they say.

Does the fact that the sulphur smell is kicking in 5 days into fermentation indicate anything? Just seems weird that it’s happening now, I would’ve expected it to occur early in the fermentation.

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