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Should I pitch more yeast?

I brewed a batch of Denny’s Wry Smile IPA (extract kit) and after two weeks in the secondary the SPG gravity is stuck at 1.030. The OG was 1.077. I had it in the primary for 2 weeks; very active for the first week (blow-off tube) and bubbling stopped (air lock) during the second week, when I then racked to the secondary (SPG 1.030). Fermentation temps have been @62F. I used a 1L starter with Wyeast 1450 Denny’s Favorite 50, and aerated with 5min of rocking prior to pitching.

Two questions:

  1. Is this FG (1.030) too high for bottling (I plan to bottle in two weeks and want to avoid explosions)?
  2. Should I pitch more yeast into the secondary to “restart” fermentation if there are residual sugars available?

Thanks for your help.

If you have not reached the desired FG, you should not remove it from the yeast. You can let the beer sit on the yeast for months before having issues.

You could try adding some US-05. It might just be finished based on the fermability of the extracts.

Thanks for the info.

I’ll try to member to ch k my notes to see what the FG was when I developed the extract recipe. IIRC, it was in the mid 20s, so you’re not way off. A 1 l. starter is pretty small. I do a 3 l. starter for it.

Thanks Denny. I will be sure to bump up the yeast starter volume next time.

Just checked my notes. Started at 1.077 finished at 1.021. 4 weeks in primary, no secondary.

Thanks for the specifications. Now I know the target FG and will not use a secondary the next time I brew this beer. I pitched more yeast although I don’t expect too much activity to result (low or no D.O. in the wort). Still, the unfinished beer tasted good.

The lack of O2 is why you need to pitch a huge amount of yeast if you try to restart fermentation. The ROT is a qt. of slurry.

Thanks Denny. I have a small level of fermentation going again. It is a learning experience. What time period to you recommend for bottle aging this beer?

Only til it carbs. It’s best in the first couple months after brewing.

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