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Should I do this?

In April I made a nice Gose beer… turned out great, but I could see improvement. I used Kolsch yeast (as suggested), and I thought… that was expensive yeast… let me save some (I have never done that before)… so I put a pint of the yeast trub in a tupperware, and put in the bottom of my fridge. … so now I am thinking of making a Kolsch this weekend…and I am having second thoughts… should I reuse the yeast/trub?

Back in April I found a Youtube video about it and I decanted some of the yeast off the bottom of the fermentor… I am not sure of how much is trub and how much is yeast… how badly can I screw this up?


Make a starter… 3/4 cup DME to one quart water… Bring the water close to a boil… Lid on too… Turn off the heat… Add the DME, put the lid on and walk away… Once it’s down to room temp, decant most liquid off the yeast and put it and the starter into, say… a sanitized 1/2 gallon milk jug… Shake it up til it’s very foamy… I’d use your hand, sanitized, in lieu of the cap… let air in as you shake it… loosely cover with foil…
I like to use this a day or two before brew day… If I can pitch while the yeast is active I’ll feel alot better…
Did you save the yeast before or after souring ?

Yeah it really is that simple. Not sure how much you saved but you only need about a half cup. Your starter is just to wake it up, not build yeast so no worries on additional starters.

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So… let the yeast gently get from fridge temp to room temp, or does that not matter?

I feel comfortable pitching cold yeast into warmer temps. But definitely not the other way around.
Although if you can pitch close to similar temps that’s ideal.


I agree with @loopie_beer Warmer wort wakes them up but doesn’t stress them. Within reason. I usually chill to under 80F in an ice bath in the sink.

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I pitched my trub yeast directly put I try to bring it up to room temperature first. I’m using 4oz mason jars that are small and i plop the whole mason jar into some room temperature StarSan when I begin my brew day.

You might be fine, but unless your sanitation was excellent, just putting some in Tupperware would be less than ideal.

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Right, everything your yeast touches needs to be sanitized.

Well as suggested, I woke the yeast up the night before, pitched it yesterday, now it is humming along nicely. Hopefully they’ll be no off flavors to report.

There won’t be off flavors. The bigger worry is less yeast contributed flavors imo

Yet, that depends on the yeast too… Stress them out at warm temps… way different by product flavors… On the cool end… Neutral … Even low floculation… Variables…, eh? :mask:

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