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Shirron Wort Chiller set up question

So I finnaly updated from my emersion chiller to a plate chiller with the hopes of someday setting it up to a pump to speed things up. My delemma is that my keggle and stand sit so close to the ground I wonder if I will be able to gravity feed successfully. here is my current set up. any thoughts? Thanks.[attachment=0]309746_272207539465338_100000282830524_1086376_346351381_n.jpg[/attachment]

By the way there is a ball lock and spiggot at the base of the keg but I find the auto siphon moves the beer to the fermenter a bit faster.

i put my kettle on the paint shelf of a ladder after the boil to get adequate height for gravity feeding.

Can you set it on some cinder blocks?

I was thinking cinder blocks might work as well when I was looking at the keg last night. I am going to give it a run and see how it goes. might be my best option till I can afford a pump.

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