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Shipping SUPER strong magnets

Anyone ever tried to ship any super strong magnets by USPS before? I have some magnets that need to be shipped to a buddy on the East coast. He wants to use a couple of them in a large stirplate. I would only be shipping four magnets each measuring 7/8"x3/8"x1/4". But, they are strong enough that they hold each other through 5/8" of solid wood. I know there are no restrictions on the shipping of magnetized materials by ground, but is there any special labeling needed?

“Warning! Keep away from piercings.” :slight_smile:

Stop by the post office, or flag down your postal worker. They would know.

When we get magnets shipped in at work and have to ship magnetic devices they have to go in steel boxes. I think an old altoids tin would do the trick. Otherwise just stick them in a box large enough so they won’t get stick to another package, i.e. don’t ship them in an envelope.

It’s amazing what a little googling and do…

Thanks for the link Greg.
Looks like I’m going to have to be creative. These little guys still affect a compass when packed in a 12"x12" box stuffed full of hard styro. I’ve also tried sandwiching them between two 1 1/2" blocks of wood inside the packing and the field still messes with a compass. I’ll keep searching.

I think you fall in this category.

[quote=“USPS”]■For surface transportation, mailpieces containing magnetized material with unconfined fields must be clearly marked on the address side with “Surface Only” or “Surface Mail Only” and “Magnetic – Keep 7 Feet Away From Navigational Equipment.”
■A complete return address and delivery address must be used.

You could also ask at the local post office

Why on earth would you need magngets like that?

I mean how big is that stir plate going to be?

I use them on one of my stir plates for 2000ml starters and they work well. They might be overkill, but so is a lot of things that I do. Plus, they were free. He is wanting them for a larger stir plate.

He is building a stir plate that goes to 11…

FWIW steel plating is used for the magnetic shielding of MRI machines which are run on cryo-cooled Big A** magnets. So you could find a small steel box to ship them in…not sure how heavy gauge the box would need to be to block the field from your magnets…in theory it would work…HaHa.

Try it with your compass test…

Haha why couldnt he just make 10 louder?

Thats a funny movie

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