Shipping & Guarantee

I ordered Sunday afternoon and will get my 3 business day shipping 8 FULL days after I have ordered…this is an outrage. Why does it take 4 full days to process an order? We may have to begin shopping a bit smarter. A beer kit replacement guarantee…you must be kidding. If you cant do it once you will never get it. Gonna need way more than a useless guarantee and expensive, week-long shipping service. Do you need work at home order processors on Sundays or Mondays?

I hate to say it, but the shipping costs and delay may cause our sponsor to lose some customers to the others who still ship for free…

A change not for the good IMO

I was wondering if the long shipping times was just a problem I was having since I am on the East Coast.

Glad I’m not alone.

Maybe all of these problems is why Keeler and Dawson left?

I too had a huge delay in the shipment of my order a few weeks ago. I emailed them asking why. They told me that the recent change in the way that they ship is causing backups. Hopefully it gets better. I really only have been a NB customer but I may start looking elsewhere.

I’m sharing your frustration just placed my first order in a while almost a week ago and it still hasn’t shipped. I’m in chicago and in the past, I’ve always received my orders in that amount of time. I’m also not too happy about having to pay twice as much for shipping now that the 7.99 flat rate is no more. Not cool, NB!

Placed an order yesterday, shipped today…what’s the deal?

Im glad im not the only one complaining. I placed an order 8am monday and it just shipped today. Shipping charge was outragous. 29.00$ . NB has great items but there not the only ones with great items. Midwest has kickass service. At least from my experience.

I too ran into the same problem. 3-4 days to process a 4 day shipping order. Got my order 8 days after I placed it. I really like Northern Brewers website, forum and beer making kits and ideas, but I can’t continue to do this type of ordering when other guys have cheaper or free shipping, and much faster order processing. Is NB getting to big, to quick and forgetting about the most important thing to any business, the customer?

I’ve been a Midwest customer since I started brewing. I’ll order from Northern Brewer every once in a while, but am never as happy as I am with Midwest. The last order I placed with Northern Brewer, I got the wrong malt, crushed, and it took a day or two longer than it said. And I’m in Iowa, one business day away; I think it took 3 or 4 days to get my stuff. They did resend, for free, the right malt, uncrushed, for free, which was nice. That was a lot of commas…
And there’s no more flat rate $7.99 shipping? My shipping was $8.35 or something like that. Not that I care much, just didn’t know it had changed.

I know what you mean. I’ll place an order with NB, my credit card will have gone though, and it takes another 2 to 3 days for them to decide to ship it. I just wish my LHBS had all the things I need. I am relieved to see I am not the only one who has this happen.

I went with NB this time around cause i hear the all grain kits and extract kits are great and spot on. Dont really shop around enough to find out who has good kits and grain. I usally go to midwest and NB for all these things. If the order I made monday has any screw ups im washing my hands.

+1 to everything here

I’ve not been happy with the change from FedEx to UPS, which seems to be what started the delay. FedEx home delivery can get in on a Saturday where as UPS can’t. With that said I’ve had my last couple of orders ship on time, I don’t have anything crushed which in the past seemed to cause a delay. I order from both NB and Midwest (who still uses FedEx). The flat shipping towards the ‘end’ really got delayed and that didn’t make me happy ether.

I don’t know too many homebrew supply online that ship for free. I guess you can find ones who are trying to capture business (that is new businesses) but the name of the game is fresh ingredients. Which I have found both Midwest and Northern Brewer have done well. Mileage may vary.

I hope NB takes note of this conversation…I’ve generally loved doing business with them…great prices, great quality, great service, fast and cheap shipping…they were the best…but then again…at one time K-Mart, Sears, Texaco, et. al were among the best…and they are all dying too! Wake up, NB…or risk loss of a loyal customer base!

This whole outrage will soon blow over and that’ll be the end of it. Remember the outrage when the Brewhaha section was deleted?

I used to buy from Northern brewer exclusively because of the 7.99 shipping I would simply put together an order for several months worth of supplies ingredients, equipment everything. Getting a $150 to $250 dollar order shipped for 7.99 was a good way to promote loyalty.

now those orders will cost ~30 dollars to ship. making it necessary for me to place smaller orders and shop around. :x

it’s worth checking, I just had 70 Lbs. of grain shipped at $18.00 which was lower then when I had that shipped last month after the changeover. Actually I ordered the same stuff the last time from Midwest because they were cheaper in shipping. It’s grain… this time NB was cheaper.

7.99 was a great deal but kind of crazy with people who like to buy bulk. It would kill the margin.

I just saw Midwest is offering $7.95 flat rate shipping for until the 22nd.

I also noticed my last order took way to long to get here. For a change I planned way ahead so it wasn’t a big deal.