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Shelf life of a kegged saison?

I don’t keg very often, but thinking about doing it for my saison. Any comparison on how long they last in a keg vs. a bottle? I don’t drink much, but I’ll probably have to have some sort of party.

Also, what’s a good pressure to force carbonate at about 60 degrees?

Kegged or bottled, shelf life is based on your sanitation.

See the standard carbonation charts for your 2nd question.

re: shelf life can you post the grain bill of your saison? The common wisdom is that wheat beers do not age well, but with saisons, I have found that they tend to age relatively well. As “The Hawk” says, if your sanimitizimation is up to snuff, I would guess 6 months would be reasonable.

OG of 1.06. I’ll be transfering to secondary tonight.

I do just the opposite. I usually bottle my Belgian styles and keg everything else. I find it is easier to get the carbonation right in the bottle. The keg just foams at the higher carbonation level. Shelf life depends on sanitation, but there is also a point where the beer is in peak condition, and a point where it loses its zing. Sometimes it just dries out too much or loses its hop character. I think this depends on the gravity of the beer. I think a low gravity beer from 1.035-40 usually tastes best with 3 weeks of conditioning and then stays primo for a couple of weeks. After that is starts to go down hill. It is not infected, just past its prime. I usually make most of my beers in the 1.048 range, and they taste great for about 3-4 weeks after conditioning for 3 weeks. This gives me several weeks of good pale ale. The last gallon is usually not as good as the first 4, and I know it is time to make some fresh beer. Beers in the 1.055-70 range take a bit longer to condition to their prime point, but then they stay in condition for several months. Most of my saisons are in the 1.050-55 range, but ferment out to 1.002-6 so they have more alcohol and stay fresh longer. I usually brew 10 gallons a couple of times a year, and that is enough to keep me in Saison for the year. Keeping the beer cold also keeps the beer fresher longer. If it is sitting in a warm closet or garage, you had better drink it fairly quick or else it will oxidize or develop off flavors.

Fairly good points. I have a box or two of green bottles that add a little funk that jives well with a saison.

I found some saison I made last fall that were kept at room temp that I had forgotten about. Needless to say, they weren’t as good as the ones that were refrigerated.

Guess I’ll bottle this batch.

I would skip the green bottles unless you can keep it out of the light. The main reason I brew saison instead of buying Dupont every now and then is because of the skunked bottles. I will buy it in the small brown bottles though. I also skip La Chouffe, Houblon Chouffe, and Popperings Hommel Bier unless I can find them still in the box they came in.

[quote=“s2y”]I have a box or two of green bottles that add a little funk that jives well with a saison.


If this is the case, I’d keg the saison and just turn down the PSI when serving…and throw those bottles out :mrgreen:

I figured I might be alone with my enjoyment of green bottle saisons. :stuck_out_tongue:

I honestly enjoy La Chouffe and DuPont. Naturally, mine get much sun and the skunk and funk is more subtle.

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