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Shank Length Resistance

Does shank length influence resistance? i’d think so but couldn’t find the answer in a search. If so, does someone have a list of a length and its corresponding resistance?


Sure does, but not even close to 5-10 feet of 3/16" vinyl hose.
I recommend getting the longest SS shank that will fit in your kegerator. The larger shank will keep the faucet cooler. The longest I have found are 6".

I do not think it is a measurable amount, unless the shank is real long

Guess I should have said, mine is 5" long (the shanks that is). Do I stil just use a 1 psi resistance for that?

I’d say, just add the 5" to the 7’ of hose you may already have, making it 89" of resistence instead of 84"…really no difference. There are too many variables to make this a pure science…balancing your lines is almost an art!

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