Shame on me

Dump or Bottle?

Late winter/early spring of this year I brewed up a couple of NB kits; an IPA and the Dry Irish Stout (DIS) and sat them in closets to ferment. They bubbled away happily for a few weeks, then it was bottling day, but something came up. Then it was the next weekend. I think you can see where this is going.

I’ve about convinced myself to toss the IPA. It’s about a month older, and has been exposed to a fair amount of light. But the DIS has been kept dark the whole time. At some point, it’s airlock completely evaporated, so, obviously not good. There’s still a bit of forth floating on top, otherwise it’s a carboy of a dark liquid.

Any point in trying to bottle this, or should I pour it on the compost pile and start over, with more respect for the calendar next time?

Never dump with out tasting. If it’s not horrid, don’t dump with out bottling. Carbonation adds to the taste.

Add 1/2 pack of rehydrated yeast to your bottling bucket.

+1. You gotta smell & taste it first before making that decision.

Also, it may have turned “bad” but it is is still good.

1, it may have soured. You could add a can of fruit and have a sour beer.

2, it may have turned to vinegar. Bottle some, no sugar, for cooking. Know anyone that smokes meat?