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Setting a Freezer Chest Temp

Hi All,
After buying a dud with a bad compressor, I got a new chest yesterday and within 20 minutes of plugging it in, the temp was down below 40. I put the setting on 2 with 1 being the warmest. Tonight I’ll hook up my thermostat and set it to 40. I was wondering what the freezer should be set at (1 to 6). Can I assume 1 or 2 since it’s operating just fine and freezing water?
Thanks, Mike

It really doesn’t matter since the temp controller will be deciding when to run. I put mine on the coldest setting just in case the two decided to fight each other.

Sounds like a plan. I’ll mention again that I AM PSYCHED to get my kegging up and running. Mullerbrau; I intend on dropping a couple tea strainer (eggs) in my first kegged batch, an IPA.

This for sure. I had the same initial thought that I wanted the external controller to be making the decisions and the chest would do its thing set at the coldest temp. I just took a quick look to give you a number although I’m sure it varies from chest to fridge, climate etc… But my analog controller on my standard fridge (freezer on top) is set at 30f and I see 38f in the front two kegs and 35f on the back two kegs. This was one thing initially I was surprised about that the temp varied some from front to back I’m sure this also varies with model, or being a fridge or freezer makes a diff maybe.

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