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Servomyces vs Wyeast nutrient

So I’ve been using Wyeast nutrient in all my beers since I started AG brewing. I also put it in my starters when I use liquid yeast. Typically I notice signs of fermentation within 24 hours and have full vigorous fermentation by day 2-3. A new LHBS opened in town so I decided to purchase some supplies from him and try him out. I was low on nutrient but all he could get was Servomyces so I bought a pack to give it a try. I made a starter of WLP001 Friday for brewday Sunday. I dumped in the Servomyces as instructed for the last 10 mins of the boil and pitched my starter around 9:45 Sunday night. Monday I went down to check my temp and fermentation was definitely underway. By the time I got home from work I was getting 2 bubbles/second and had 3-4" of krausen!

I will wait to reserve judgement until after the beer is done but I will say that fermentation started significantly faster than I am used to. The only disadvantage that I see is that it’s not cheap so speed alone may not be enough to permanently sway me away from Wyeast nutrient.


Its good to hear a review from a respectable home brewer. I read some reviews on lots of stuff and just dismiss it. Thank you Sneezles61

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