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Selling Out So Sad

I haven’t been on here for quite some time. But things have changed in my life and I’m getting out of this fantastic hobby. (so sad) Not sure if NB ever started a classified site, (didn’t see one) so hope this area is ok to post in. Mostly selling off my corny collection. I have about 14- 5 gallon and 1- 10 gallon. A crap load of whole leaf hops, 2013 crop never opened. 1 or 2 small freezers, couple of temp controllers. bunch of odds and ends, including specialty malts. HLT converted keg, boil keggle, 2- 15.5 gallon kegs that I was going to convert but never got to them. Located in Alpena MI. Would rather not ship if possible. Photos and more Info available, send me a PM and we can talk…


How come you’re quitting brewing? Just curious…

Sorry to hear that.

Bummer, dude. Greatest hobby I have found. The levels you can succeed to are infinite and the people are truly the best.
If you can’t brew due to health issues, I wish you the best. If due to space limitations, then, I am sorry to hear it, but consider small batch brewing. In any event here’s to you for brewing!


Wish you were closer

Great avatar, shaky6! “It’s a simple matter of supply and command!”

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