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Sediment Color

Not sure if this is the right forum for this topic so apologies if I am wrong. I recently brewed an all-grain IPA and bottle conditioned by adding my priming sugar to the bottling bucket. I got very inconsistent carbonation but that’s not my issue.

The sediment at the bottom of my bottles hasn’t caked or become pasty at all. In fact, after more than 2 weeks in the fridge it is still runny and a darker brown color, unlike the light brown color I am used to seeing. I haven’t heard or read about this before. Is it an issue I should be concerned about? Thanks!

Which yeast strain?

Lack of even carbonation could be a clue. Did you stir priming sugar in well? Could it be trub or sediment on the bottom with too little sugar to carbonate.

What style beer?

Beer style is IPA. I used WLP060 American Ale yeast. I thought I stirred it up well enough. Also, I racked to a secondary and dry hopped and bottled from that.

Sorry, I do see now that you said it was an IPA. How does it taste?

I can’t taste any off flavors, but then again my palate isn’t quite refined. It tastes very watered down and hoppy (nelson hops) with very little body. It’s very light in color like a Pilsner and has the carbonation qualities of Champagne with little bubbles and very little if any head. It does have some lacing on the glass but not much.

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