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Secondary regulator question

My current kegerator has the bottle and requlator outside the fridge and then I’m feeding a 3 way secondary regulator with about 20 psi to control each keg pressure individually. I am building a new kegerator for a friend and it was suggested to use a high pressure hose off the bottle to feed the input to the secondary regulator and eliminate the regulator at the bottle all together. Any thoughts? Pros vs cons, opinions? I would greatly appreciate any input. Thanks.

That is what I did to run 6 different regulators to my 3 duel tap kegarators make sure it is a stainless steel high pressure line from the tank to the first regulator.
Where I bought my CO2 from they made me up this hose think it cost me like 20 bucks or so don’t try to do this yourself it takes a special high pressure hose.

It’s worthwhile, then you can mount your regulator manifold where it’s convenient, (inside or outside the keezer).
Mine is setup that way, and I ran the hose through the drain plug area, ( after pulling the drain insert, and probing the foam for more coolant lines), I opened up a hole in the cabinet big enough for the CGA320 nut to pass through, attached to tank, and my dual regulators are sitting in one of the keezer baskets.
14 cu.ft. freezer, no collar.

Sealed around hose with modeling clay, (oil based).

Edit: My last name is “Bussey”.

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