Secondary on puree

Just wanted to know if anyone racks out to a secondary from under a krausen or is there a benefit to letting it drop completely?

It depends on the yeast. Finicky yeasts I let drop and approach FG. I don’t want them getting lazy on the simpler sugars of the fruit. I also imagine you can preserve more fruit aroma by making it lass active.

Well the thing is because I mashed lower than I wanted maybe lazy yeast will be to my advantage trying to keep the FG higher

Well I racked out from under the krausen on day 6. Gravity was at .010. May have gone lower but hoping it stalls. It’s a good thing I left alot of headspace the thing is cranking. Building up a huge amount of krausen. Nowhere to put it to cool it down everything is full. I’ll put it in an ice bath

Ok it’s in the ice bath. Was at 72 it should come down or at least stabilize. This is going to be good if it doesn’t get to dry even then it should be good it’s got good flavor. I think that furlic acid rest was the key very good flavor which has been elusive to me other times