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Secondary floaters question

This is the second batch I have noticed this on so I figured I would ask. The last two batches I have made (Hope and King Scotch Ale and Denny’s Wry Smile) have had 2 or 3 floating white blobs on the top of the beer in the carboy when I go to bottle. They look almost like fat in a refrigerated gravy if I had to describe them. I tried my best to keep them out of the siphon as I racked to the bottle. What is this and was I right in trying to avoid it?


Likely clumps of yeast or hop oils.

Normally, it is nice to keep the bottled beer as “clean” as possible. But as Nighthawk said, it’s probably a small yeast colony, hops residue or other products of brewing and fermentation.

If you think it’s yeast and are worried about bottle carbonation, don’t sweat it. There is plenty of yeast in suspension to get the bottles carbonated nicely. Enjoy.

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