secondary fermentation

Is it necessary to ferment in a carboy for the secondary fermentation or could one save a little money and ferment in a plastic pail?

Thankls :smiley:

Save a little money. Get a good plastic fermenter, cool you wort, pitch your yeast, leave it sit and don’t transfer to a secondary at all. Let it sit for a month and bottle. Just be sure not to disturb the trub at the bottom when racking it to bottle.

Or get a Better Bottle. They are like plastic carboys. I like them because they are see through so you can tell when the yeast is falling out and the beer is clearing up.

Thanks! If i wanted to it dosnt hurt though right?

No it won’t hurt.

BTW if you’re not adding sugars to the secondary vessel it is considered conditioning, not fermenting.

Thanks! Im a shiny new guy with this stuff! fun fun!

It won’t hurt so long as you are rock solid in your sanitation and siphoning without aerating your wort. Also making sure fermentation is finished before transferring. All of those are pretty easy to achieve but could ruin your batch if you do it wrong. So just clean everything and make sure there is no splashing when transferring your beer to a secondary and that fermentation is finished.