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Secondary fermentation: what to do?

This is my first attempt at making hard cider, I’ve pressed about 90 - 100 litres so far and have 4 carboys in various stages of primary fermentation. My question is about secondary fermentation and what exactly I’m supposed to do. Any other tips for a rookie like myself would be appreciated as well. With this much cider on the go and a big pile of apples in the garage; time is running out. Thanks!

Unless you add more sugar like honey or other fermentables, there really isn’t a secondary fermentation (and if there is, you racked too soon). Just rack your cider to a secondary vessel when all signs of fermentation are complete, like the yeast drops out and a stable hydrometer reading.

Or you can forgo the secondary all together and leave the cider in the primary for 6-8 weeks and bottle strait from there.

Yeah, that seems to be the general consensus. My plan was to do just that, except not adding anything when I rack it off and just let it sit until it’s nice and clear or until I cannot resist any longer. Thanks!

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