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Secondary Fermentation Reinvigorating?

Total rookie/newbie at this brewing stuff so no clue if this is a ‘normal’ occurrence. We made a batch of the Caribou Slobber, everything seems to have gone according to plan and directions. After primary fermentation slowed waaaay down, we put it in the 5 gal glass carboy for the secondary fermentation. Today marks 3 weeks in the secondary. Planned on bottling today but yesterday the pace of bubbling picked up after 3 weeks of doing basically doing nothing… Should I go ahead with bottling or wait? I’m a total rookie here so excuse my ignorance in advance. Thank you.

Did the carboy get warmer? or get moved? It’s probably just gas coming out of solution.

Truly, the only way to say for certain that fermentation is done is to take hydrometer readings over several days, and see no change.

That said, caribou slobber, 3 weeks in secondary; and I presume 2 weeks in primary? I say bottle it.

Thank you JMcK, It was not moved and the temp has been steady through the whole process. We had it 1 week in the primary and it had (as far as we could tell) stopped bubbling before moving to secondary. Thanks for the tip on the specific gravity check.

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