Secondary Fermentation: Ever a reason to pitch more yeast?

So, I brewed a KBS clone and messed a few things up. I likely should have pitched two packets of yeast but only had one. Fermentation started 36 hours later and has been doing ‘okay’ so far. But I’m coming up on the time for secondary fermentation. Is there a reason why I would or would not pitch another packet of yeast?

You most likely do not need any extra yeast if the fermentation is going well. After about 10 to 14 days in the primary, if the krausen has fallen, check the specific gravity with your hydrometer. Check again 3 to 5 days later. If the SG is the dame your beer has reached final gravity and is ready to bottle when you get the time.

What is your fermentor volume?

When you say it is coming up on the time for racking to a secondary vessel is this because that is in the instructions? Or do you plan to rack all your beers to a secondary vessel?

To secondary or not to secondary. A fairly extensive discussion in this topic.

in this case, and also because I’m new to all grain, I’m following the recipe for brewing a KBS Clone. I don’t always plan to do secondary.

thanks for the extensive post to read up on.