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Secondary Ferment question

Dumb question of the day:

For those that add enhancements to their secondary ferment (fruit, peppers, wood chips, etc) my question is how do you get it out of the carboy? Or do you use a plastic fermenting bucket?

Haven’t done this yet - but I’m planning to - and my concern is getting whatever I add out of that tiny opening (that’s what she said). I realize whatever’s added should be able to get eventually rinsed out, but I was wondering if it’s easier to use a regular plastic fermenting bucket?

That would certainly seem easier, but then there’s that glass vs plastic debate.


I have used carboys in the past without much issue. but I find plastic is easier to clean.

I usually use a sanitized funnel to get the fruit in. Things seem to come out pretty easy. I’d recommend transferring from the secondary to a tertiary to let the beer drop clear. The fruit or peppers or whatever kind of turn into a sludge that for the most part just pours out of the carboy. Sometimes you can add more water and pour out and then repeat as necessary. Even whole hops seems to come out easier than they go in.

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