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Secondary Additions

I have 2 current brews that are about to go to Secondary (Chinook IPA & Chocolate Milk Stout) - both call for additions in the secondary and I’ve never done that before. Instructions say just to add a couple of weeks before bottling.

Wondering about sanitizing, do I just drop the hops and cocoa nibs into them and that’s it or do I need to soak either or both in vodka or something to make sure they are good?

Also, should they be in a hop bag or just dump them in there?

Any info appreciated as always


No need to sanitize the hops. Just toss them in. The hops will settle and you can rack your beer leaving the hop sludge behind.

I have never used cocoa nibs before, They may need to be sanitized.

Nibs don’t need sanitized either. But some people have used the vodka tincture to add to taste rather than adding the whole thing. FWIW I have used nibs several times and don’t think they add too much flavor.


I asked the same questions the first time I had stuff added to secondary. I did the Chinook IPA last year and really like it! It was the first time I dryhpped as well.

Just dump them in.

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