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Secondaries vs manifold

Trying to figure out how I want to setup my keezer. At first I thought it would only hold 3 kegs but it will fit 4 and the CO2 tank on the hump.

If I go the cheaper route with a manifold what will I be missing out on? Force carbing while serving others and different carb levels? Is it worth the money for the secondary setup?

Yes it is. You’ll want to carb a couple beers while serving others. What I’ve done is to run a “tee” In line so I can serve 4 off 2 lines. 2 to serve 2 to carb. Plus I have 4 CO2 tanks so I can carb while waiting to go into rotation.

I’ve had good results with one co2/regulator and a manifold with 4 valves and hoses. I have a 3 keg keezer, I use the 4th line to charge kegs that are off line. When I force carb I shut the lines off to the other kegs and charge the new keg with 30psi then reduce the regulator and open the other lines back up. The check valves keep the 30 psi from bleeding back to the other kegs. I’ll do this every day for about 3 or 4 days until I reach the desired carb level.

I have the 4-way manifold in the keezer… The gas and regulator sits out side the keezer… I have room for 4 kegs, with only 2 taps employed… Since I am brewing 10 gallons, I have have 2 kegs being carbed whilst 2 being served… Once I got this way going, I’ve good carbed beer… And just open the lid switch the tap line to see how the other keg(s) are coming along… I’m good! Sneezles61

I got 4 kegs in the freezer… two 5# tanks…one double body reg …and one single body reg with a two way manifold. I was in a hurry on the second one so it will get switched out eventually :grinning:

I run a double body regulator and 4 way manifold serving 4 kegs and the extra line to carb newly kegged beers. Usually don’t have that many going at once but always good to plan for future rather than rebuying equipment

My take, for whatever it’s worth: Having multiple regulators allows you to serve different brew styles simultaneously at their appropriate carbonation levels, so it comes down to how many styles you want to serve at a time, plus one (or more?) lines for initial force carbing if you want to do that.

If I were to do it over again, I would have one primary regulator, set at 30 psi feeding a 4 outlet manifold; 2 or 3 of those would feed secondary regulators set to desired serving pressures, each with a 2 outlet manifold. That allows feeding 2 kegs at each of 2 or 3 serving pressures. The remaining 30 psi line(s) can be used for soda water and/or initial force carbing.

What I do have, because I did it a little at a time, is 3 primary regulators, each feeding a manifold. My keezer holds 4 kegs. I can connect any keg to any regulator (max of 2 on a given regulator). One long line allows initial forced carbing outside the keezer.

Because 3 regulators on the tank makes the 10 pound tank unstable, I hung the regulators on the collar and connected with a high pressure hose.

Note that secondary regulators are designed for low inlet pressures. You can not connect them directly to the CO2 tank, you need to feed them from a primary regulator.

Please share whatever you decide and let us know how it works out.


Me got a 5 conection. System. 3 for tap. And 2 for carbonation. Seems to work

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