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Second brew day cream ale

Yesterday I tried my luck with my second extract kit the nb cream ale but this time I had a few extra toys a wort chiller which dropped about 45 minutes off my brew day and a aeration system that i’m guessing that helped kick start fermentation I noticed action from the airlock about 18 hours after pitching. Everything went well but the only question is my og reading was 1.052 and according to the kit it should have been 1.040. Is this a big deal and what should I have done different to hit the stated og. Thanks in advance. I’am now hooked only this home brewing.

If you’re volume was correct in your fermenter your OG should be right on with extract batches. If you topped off with water, you probably just didn’t mix it well enough

After the wort cooled i added 2 gallons of water to the fermenter transfered the wort and stirred for 2 minutes than aerated for 20 minutes pitched the yeast than covered.

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It’s pretty common.

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