Second brew... Addicted

So I’m on my second brew. First was caribou slobber with my Christmas kit😂 Now it’s an ESB… Just started fermentation in Friday. I have to say on my first brew , I got sooooo much good information from this group. So many were willing to help with advice… So here’s a thank you to all of you…!! One or two more then it’s ALL GRAIN… I can’t wait!!


Nice! Going straight to all grain or try a biab first?

Biab is all grain

Yep. I meant it from the perspective of getting all the equipment needed without doing biab or using existing equipment and doing biab.

I’m thinking full all out all grain brewing… I’m a gadget and project person… I love building things… My wife just rolls her eyes when I mention brewing. She knows the whole garage will be taken over now!! Fun times ahead!!

Pumps and BIABasket… So much fun. Manifold to divert where yer wort to one of two ports… Sneezles61