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Sealing Wax

What do you think about sealing bottles with wax?

That can give a nice decorative touch to a wine bottle instead of using a capsule. Applied after using the normal cork of course.

The down side is that it will tend to leave a mess on the bottle that would be hard to clean up if you want to reuse the bottle for a future batch.

I did that a few years ago for some champagne bottles of beer to give out at Christmas. Used glue sticks and crayons.

Do you want to do it for purely decorative purposes, or to get a better seal?

I’m thinking it would be good for long term storage

Crown caps work great for long term storage, no need to add wax to help with that.

Unless you are thinking REALLY long term. As it storing something for your great-grand kids to open at the turn of the next century…

With each batch, I bottle 3 22ozers and wax the top of those. I keep them for long-term storage- at least a year. Is it necessary? Probably not, but it’s peace of mind.

Forgot to mention- my wife has one of those paraffin wax hand dipper things. I turn that on when I start getting ready for bottling, and it’s all ready to dip the bottles when I’m finished filling them. Easy, peasy.

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