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Screwed up

Had some what of a brain cramp at the lhbs Friday. I was wanting to make a
summer ale. But I bought 7lb of light LME thinking ( not really) I could sub it
for 6 lbs Breiss Pilsen Dry Malt and get a little more ABV and the same light straw color. After inputting it in qbrew it comes out to a 10 where it
should have come out to a 5 in color. Now I am doing a hop boil with 2oz
of saaz hops at 1oz 60 min. 1/2oz 30 min , 1/2 5 min. thoughts?

ps: also doing a grain add of ½ lb Belgian Aromatic Malt, Orange peel and
Lemon peel

Ok this is the recipe i was going to follow, do you think the 7lbs of the
light lme will be a problem

6 lbs Breiss Pilsen Dry Malt
½ lb Belgian Aromatic Malt

1 oz Belgian Bitter Orange Peel (last 15 minutes of boil)
Zest from 1 fresh lemon (in primary fermenter)

1 oz Saaz Hops (bittering) 1 hour (4.0 HBU)
1/2 oz Saaz Hops (flavoring) last 15 minutes
½ oz Saaz Hops (finishing) last 3 minutes

White Labs WLP 001 yeast

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