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Screw on caps for 6.5 carboys. Where?

Well I was down to one,
And now I can’t find any of the caps that came with my carboys.
I would like to have a few as they were great for swirling around star san, temporay capping while preparing air locks and long term storage of emptys.
But I can’t find the darn things on any beer suppliers.
Not sure what the threads are, and they’re probably pretty specialized as to only fitting carboys.
Any ideas? Anybody run across these anywhere? Any trades??

Mine didn’t come with caps, so not sure if this is what you are talking about?

Look down on the page for them here:

Yes! That’s it exactly.
looks like I could get 3 delivered usps from the second link < 10$
Thanks you sir! :cheers:

Update- 10.75$ for 3 delivered.
Hard to beat that price if anyone is ever looking for these.

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