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Next wensday my second batch will be ready to bottle. SS Minnow, Three weeks in primary then bottle.
I am a newbe so be gently with me. I have read a bunch of stuff on bottles, and I am gonna try screw tops. I am a PBR drinker and the empties w/caps appear that they could last awhile.I had my doubts about my first batch capping job , the caps all held so far but it appeared they were not as crimped as they could have been. Any way, I will post the outcome.

Till then…

ive heard screw caps leak unless you have a bench capper.

are some of your previous batch not carbed? do they leak? if not, i wouldn’t worry about it

S.Scroggin…So far so good, nothing has leaked and the brew has nicely carbed up .I just thought to try screw tops…I can’t see any thing wearing out in the screw tops and some old times stated they work fine, I will keep you all posted. What the hell we save the bottle why not the cap? The screw tops seem to twist on nice and tight.Besides I like reusing stuff I already own, why buy another cap (screw the chinese). Also I like the challenge of being creative. After all we could all go to the store and just buy beer.
Well thanks for you thoughts, I appreciate it.


Just an update on screw tops for bottling home brew.The results I had are good, on problems at all. I will definitely use screw tops again. The bottles are PBR and all I did was put the used cap on and snug em up, no capper involved. I really don’t see how the caps could wear out so I plan on using the same caps again. Will keep posted on results.
( disclaimer; the results posted above was performed by a highly experienced beer drinker,possibly under the influence, and results may vary,Please try this at home at your own risk. Gobrewyourself will in no way be held responsible if uf*k something up.) Hope this is helpful,


The soft gasket that seals the cap to the top of the lip will likely wear out (become too compressed to seal) after a few uses. You’ll know when it happens because you won’t feel that last little snugging down as the cap tightens when you twist.

are you talking the twist off longneck bottles
or the 32oz metal screw on caps??

Hard to take this seriously. On wensday or thursdy or fryday.

If you get a seal that looks good to the naked eye now and the beer shows good carbonation shortly after bottling, that does not mean you’re in the clear. I tend to think that the greater risk is over time due to slow a CO2 leak from an incomplete seal and then increased risk of oxidation–so shortened shelf life is probably your greatest risk.

Drink up!

Thanks for the input !
First of all the bottles are 12 oz long necks, and have been un-screw by hand as designed to open…I mean if you use an eopner on em there gonna bend and be useless.Second I really can not see how they can wear out…I will bet If I dug one of these things out of a land fill in ten years they would still hold the little carbonation pressure of a 12 oz beer. Tirdley I be dead serious!
I will post any results as to this issue as it happens.
I think much of my enjoyment of home brewing is being resourceful, after all any one can go to the store an buy a craft beer, why bother brewing at all? And last …Beer will not last long enough round here to lose carbonation!
Thank you all for your thoughts and please help us all to be better home brewers, Please excuse me I feel the need to
Go brewmyself

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