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Scottish Hope & King Ale Kit

I’m no expert by any means. Mostly do extract and partial mash kits and never had one turn out bad yet. But, my beer usually goes very quickly…and people seem to like it, given nice compliments.

My last beer was an IPA, and I was looking for something different, so I got this (Hope & King Ale) as extract kit on description of it being very malty and not hop forward. After bottling, the beer is extremely hop forward. More so than the last IPA we made!! Bitter to the point that nobody can drink it.

There wasn’t anything unusual about the process and everything went as instructed to a tee. Not sure what happened. Assuming the ingredients and instructions were correct for this beer, is this something that will dissipate or smooth out over time after it’s bottled? Or am I stuck with a bitter Hope & King? Lastly, I’m wondering if anybody else has experienced this?? Thanks!!

not sure about the bitterness, but I know the flavor and aroma of an IPA will fade unfortunately rather quickly after bottling…couples months is the max i would stretch out a recently bottles IPA.

Something is very amiss with your brew. I just finished a keg of the Hope and King ale (AG recipe) two days ago and it had virtually no hop bitterness, was very smooth, malty and delicious from start to finish.

I would recommend you:

  1. Confirm your ingredients/recipe was correct.
  2. Check that nothing from your previous IPA somehow contaminated the Scottish ale, like hop residue somewhere in your system.
  3. Make certain the bitterness is hop related and not due to some other contamination.

If all of the above are negative, I’m stumped. The beer should smooth out some over time as the hops recede into the background, particularly with the maltiness of this brew. But still, this is not at all how this beer should have turned out.

Sorry it did not turn out as anticipated. I really loved that beer.

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