Scottish draft

i recently had a wonderful scotttish draft… at first i mistook it for an irish daft but the color was lighter. very pleasant… anybody have a good recipe for this delightful brew?

Not sure what you mean by Scottish draft, I don’t think that is a style per se. All the Scottish ales have a caramelly malt flavor and low hopping rates. They have an earthy to slightly smoky character, a bit of butterscotch/diacetyl, and a certain perceived sweetness although they can finish fairly dry. You can get the flavors by using an extended boil and 40L crystal malt, and using a Scottish ale yeast. The Scottish ales are mostly delineated by strength.

Check out NB’s Scottish recipes for an idea of what goes in them. I have used a British pale ale malt, British crystal and an extended boil with a little earthy British hops like Fuggles.