Scorched DME in Starter? Urgent

This is the 6th starter, I have made them all the same way but this is the first time I have had this. Does this look like the DME got scorched? I didn’t see this before I pitched, but I wasn’t looking for it either. This was also on a stir plate all night, so I don’t think it is contaminated.

This is going in to a stout I am brewing today. Is this still usable? I always decant as much liquid as possible. Please give me some feedback as soon as possible so I can decide to brew today or not.


In a starter this should turn out just fine. In a real batch of beer, it would probably ruin the batch – this has happened to me. But just in the starter, I think you will be okay.

Thanks Dave. I’ll have to watch this closer in future starters. Appreciate your quick feedback. After the Packer game I’ll get to work.

Go Pack! Just had to mention it since I’m in the same boat as you!