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Schooner glass

I picked up a beer mug in Goodwill it’s etched with twin masted sailboat and has an ergonomic handle. I called it a schooner glass and my wife corrected me that a schooner is actually chalice shaped. I know some of you mention a schooner of beer so who is correct

The schooner search came up with the stemmed variety. Found this so FWIW, here you go:

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Both really. Unless of course you’re in Britain or Australia. In USA/Canada it is a mug.
Here is the official Wikipedia page on it.

This is very complicated… I’ve always thought of a BIG mug of brew as a schooner… The Georgie of new castle looks very inviting though… The original new castle I mean…

The wife is always right. :slight_smile:


None of those said schooner… :beers: like these two make me believe are…

Well I’ll call my mug that has a picture of a schooner on it my schooner glass in case some British bloke gives me a hard time.


What about a shell then?

Learn something new everyday! I would’ve never called that glass a schooner. lol

To me, this is a schooner:

I used to bartend at a “beer bar” that served beer exclusively in frozen schooners. The schooners themselves were heavy and the rims chipped frequently as a result from being stacked in the freezer.

Because the schooners were so expensive, we had cases full of chipped schooners in the basement. We’d take a Dremel to them and smooth any sharp edges, then they were put back into service as needed.


Yea this is what I envision when someone says schooner. Large, wide and heavy with a stem.

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