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Schells fresh hop

Just to try it, I bought a 6-er… Very pleased with this lager. I hope they won’t discontinue this like they did with their hopfenmaltz, another very good brew, kicked out the door… Sneezles61

Another casualty to the marketing wars

I heard an interview with one of the owners/CEO, a few years back, he claimed hoppy brews where a fad and would soon pass. I think that is the wrong thinning’…. Even if WAS suppose to be, wouldn’t you embrace it while it was there? Sneezles61

I noticed the IPA is a gateway craft beer or maybe blue moon was then the IPA. Maybe it’s a pendulum thin


We must have a bunch of weenie wankers up here, seems the IPA’s are very tough for the crowd to accept. Stouts and porters are the gateway around here. They say, its dark so it has to be strong! Some even claim to really git hosed up on a couple! :dizzy_face: whatever…. Sneezles61

Looks like you have your work cut out.

Dog gone scanda-hooviens!! Its all good… Sneezles61

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