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Schell's Beer

I will just say that any Schell’s brew is amazing!! Still haven’t got to all the different seasonal beers, but so far very impressed!! Did take a few tours down in Mankato as well.

Cheers to that my man.

I am used to the “older” styles like alt and firebrick, Dark is also tasty. But any of the beers including the newer styles seem to always have been sound. One thing though is I am not on board with the killing of the “150th” year anniversary hopenmalz-------> big mistake. No, they have to do what they feel is right for their brand but I really enjoyed the hopenmalz and was hoping it was to become a regular feature.

Thanks for sharing.

I can’t say I have had a bad Schells. Their Pilsner & Emerald Rye are my favorites.

This year’s Snowstorm is on the shelves, a Belgian golden ale style. Not the very best of their Snowstorm beers (the 2009 Baltic Porter was my favorite), but another very tasty offering out of New Ulm. Highly recommended. :cheers:

Anyone know if their beer is available in the Cleveland, OH area? I always keep an eye open when I go to craft brew stores after hearing about them a year back or so but haven’t seen them anywhere.

Looking at the Schell’s website, they only have distribution in 7 states, and Ohio is not one of them. It appears Pennsyvania is the closest.

Their seasonal Octoberfest is a great beer.

Every year at the Great Lakes Brewfest my brother and I camp out in front of the Schell’s tent - very good beer, indeed. We give the servers some local award winning sausage sticks and get a really decent pour…now we look forward to seeing the guys each year.

It looks like they are releasing a pilsner sampler pack in February that should be really nice.
It will contain the following:
A. The original recipe from 1984.
B. The current recipe.
Edit* I knew they tweaked the original recipe last year when they eliminated the stout and hopenmalz :cry: both which were great beers too, but guess I haven’t sampled the “new” pils which is apparently dry hopped. (“The current Pils beer recipe has evolved over the past 30 years. Today it is brewed with 100% 2-row barley malt and is dry hopped with Sterling hops”)
C. A Roggen pils.
D. Mandarina Bavaria Pils

Looking forward to trying out the mandarina, been interested in the new hops coming out of Germany from Hopsteiner.

  1. Polaris: Pleasant fruity aroma including a refreshing and also spicy, piney and minty note.
  2. Hallertau Blanc: Floral, fruity aroma similar to passion fruit, grapefruit, gooseberry
    and pineapple.
  3. Mandarina Bavaria: Pleasant fruity aroma revealing a strong tangerine and citrus note
    with slightly sweet aroma impressions.
  4. Huell Melon: Fruity aroma revealing honeydew melon and strawberry notes.

I am also excited for the Pilsner pack. I drink the Goosetown all summer, it’s a great summer beer.

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