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Scaldis Noel

Had a buddy at my beer store give me one of these the other day. It’s a 12% Belgian , apparently made for the Christmas season. Comes in an 8 1/2 oz bottle, brewed by Dubuisson brothers in Belgium.

I am becoming a huge Belgian fan, and to me this was fantastic. Up front it has the caramelly, toffee, taste of a barleywine, but the finish is much drier, not cloyingly sweet like most barleywines are to my palate (although my palate is not that well developed),

Just wondering if anyone has had this, or anything else from Dubuisson, and what your thoughts are. I have no idea what this beer cost, but I’m betting it’s pretty expensive. I think my friend got it in a trade, because it’s not sold in the store as far as I know.

Would also love to hear about you favorite belgians. I’ve had all the standards–St. Bernardus, Chimay, etc. Any good ones made closer to home? I’ve had some from Rockmill in Ohio that are really good (although their 2015 dubbel doesn’t taste nearly as good to me as the 2014).



It is available nationally. I bought some in Texas this past Christmas. I still have a few bottles in the fridge. They have another 12% beer called Scaldis that does not have as much caramel/toffee character. It is an excellent barley wine style ale. It runs about $4.50-6.00 for a 25 cl bottle. They also sell 750 ml corked bottles of the Scaldis Noel, but it usually sells out quickly, and it is $15.00-17.00. Dubuisson has several other brews that are barrel aged or blended. You can find them online.

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